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Strange and Forgotten Jobs of the Past

Today we can take many things for granted, lets pick the mobile phone for an obvious example, it enables us to go anywhere (well most places depending on signal) whilst allowing us to remain in contact with our family and friends but it wasn’t so long ago that if we arranged to meet up with someone at a particular place and they for some reason were running late you would either have to blindly wait in hopes they showed or just give up and go home.

Lets travel even further backĀ in time now and look at some jobs that where commonplace for the time but would seem quite bizarre these days thanks to the birth of technology.

#1 The Human Alarm Clock:

We all have alarm clocks, on our wrist, in our phones, on the dresser, etc. but what did some folk do before they where invented? Thats right, they hired “Knocker-Uppers”.


#2 Bowling Ally Pin Setter:

A tedious job where young lads had the responsibility of setting up the pins in a bowling ally.



#3 Human Radar System:

Before radar came onto the scene, some soldiers had the job of listening for incoming enemy aircraft using the devices shown below.

radar2 radar1

#4 Rat Catcher:

In the days where rats where more common place i.e. could be seen running around your local streets, rat catchers where employed to do just that, catch rats and help prevent the spread of disease. Many of these Rat Catchers however suffered from bites and infection themselves.

rat1 rat2

#5 Lamplighter:

Lamplighters would manually light street lamps before we had electric ones.

lamp1 lamp2

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