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Some Remarkable Photos Taken by a Pilot Whilst Flying

Alex MacLean is an American commercial pilot and professional photographer, he seamlessly combines these two professions by taking photos from the cockpit of his plane, this truly is a winning recipe, just check out a few examples of his work.

Bathers in an Orlando wave pool, taken in 1999.


Cars parked at a Nascar event in Richmond, Virginia, taken in 2005.


Floating daisy docks in Chicago, taken in 1999.


Flamingos in Rosolina, Italy, taken in 2009.


Interchanging flyovers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, taken in 2009.


Commercial logging site in Olympia, Washington, taken in 2005.


Colorful shipping containers in Portsmouth, Virginia, taken in 2011.


Surfers behind breaking waves at Sunset Beach in Oahu, Hawaii.sunset-beach

Loaded coal train cars in Norfolk, Virginia, taken in 2011.


Ocean City Amusement Park, Maryland, taken in 2011.


If you thought these were amazing you can see more of Alex MacLean’s work by visiting his website.

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