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Numbers Stations: Say What Now?

Here we go, this is the sort of stuff that keeps me up till the crack of dawn, not out of fear or anything but rather the type of topic that leads me down a cyber rabbit hole as it were, the type of topic that prevents me from putting the laptop away and seduces me into diving deeper on a search to discover more.

So what are Numbers Station’s? these are a type of shortwave radio station that transmit very odd messages, mostly generated using artificial voices to recite numbers, words, letters, Morse Code, etc. These messages appear to be complete gibberish to your typical listener but it is widely  presumed that they are covert messages being sent to spies using a form of encryption and sure why wouldn’t they be? Shortwave radio is after all uniquely untraceable and what other point for them other than to creep people out and aid in the inspiration of, TV series LOST perhaps.

Truthloader investigates:

Some more creepy Numbers Stations include the following:

The Swedish Rhapsody

This is a polish numbers station that started transmitting in the 70’s but ceased entirely in 2007 .

The Backwards Music Station/Whalesong:

Appropriately named this numbers station transmits a message that sounds a lot like music being played backwards and whale songs. This transmission is believed to have two sources one in the US and the other in the UK, it would appear the CIA & MI5 having an aul chat about something.

Tracking The Lincolnshire Poacher

Here is an interesting BBC Radio program on the subject.

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