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Extremly Creepy Roadblock Caught on Dashcam

Ivan Tukhtin happened to be driving down a quiet New Jersey highway a few nights back when he came across what seemed to be a roadblock of sorts, this roadblock consisted of two reflective traffic cones in the middle of the road and a car parked to the right.

As Tukhtin slowed down at the roadblock he was approached by by a hooded man, he asked if the man needed help and as the unidentified figure moved towards the car window Tukhtin took his opportunity to get the hell out of dodge and later informed 911 of the incident.

From the article over on WABC-TV it is explained that when police arrived at the scene the traffic cones were gone but two men in a broken down car remained, stating that they had run out of gas. Kareem Walston, 37, from Orange, N.J., was arrested for DWI, and 36-year-old Hashen Clark from Jersey City was arrested for hindering. Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident but believe the two man just tried an inappropriate and dangerous way to get help using the cones.

All in all I think Tukhtin handled the situation very well.

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